Trends come and they go

With the influence of mobile and social media pushing styles in and out of fashion at a breakneck pace, some retailers aren’t able to catch up.

The fact is that we’re seeing mobile technology drive shifts in consumer behavior and spending patterns at a faster pace than the clothing industry has been able to keep up with. With constant access to new influences, trends, information and ideas, consumers’ attention spans are getting shorter, and we’re seeing that they’re moving from one style to the next faster than ever before.


The consumer has access to a lot of information about products, so while brands make and sell on a six-month window, it would be much more profitable to capitalize on any in-season demands and fulfill product quick.  At the same time things don’t last as long as they used to be. Brands have to get much quicker on bringing new products faster to the marketplace because people want new.  

The new age is all about the adoption of a process for making product-related decisions closer to delivery date.  Learn about our process and the methodology behind it

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