Inconsistent sizing hurts

When shopping a brand and you are bouncing between sizes and struggling to find the perfect, it's not all in your head. 

There is a reason for all that variance. Many brands will use a manufacturer in one country for a certain product but then use another manufacturer in a different country for another.  Patterns are made, sent off, returned back, sent here, used there, damaged there, and so on.  The way a lot of the industry works there is a lot of disconnect between design and the actual production execution.

In theory, you would think that sizing would at least remain the same within a single brand, but that's not always the case. We have had clients that have experienced a size 4 and a size 10 that are the exact fit.

These cases aren't flukes. Research shows the actual waistband measurement of a pair of women's size 6 or 28 jeans can vary by more than 5 inches, depending on the brand. Most women wear about three different sizes, while men typically go between two sizes, and that likely influences return rates.

We watched customers, clients, and the industry struggle with this and realized that we could come close to eliminating the issue for our clients.  Our design process is structured in a way that it works along side production.  This allows your patterns and sizing to be evaluated each production run.  Learn more about how we can help and inquire Here.


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