We are outsiders.  Thinking differently.  Not influenced by the inside of the industry.  

We have been in your shoes.  A handful of years ago we launched an activewear brand. We had no experience in the clothing industry and definitely didn't know how to source or make product.  It felt like our only option was listen to everyones suggestions, to attend a trade show.  So that's what we did, and we met some really great people that helped us get started.

As things started to take off, we were running into problems when it came to minimums, lead times, and design pace.  The market was moving fast and we ended up sitting on a lot of inventory because it took us so long to develop products, get the inventory made, and bring our styles to market.  Inventory started to pile up and our cash flow was getting tied up.  So we figured there had to be another way: NYC.

We traveled to NYC to find a manufacturer because we believe we could design faster, find lower minimums, and sit on less inventory.  Well, we found a better situation but we were going to still run into the same problems.  This is when we began to realize the whole industry operated in a way where you have to manufacture seasons ahead of time to have your inventory made to last you your whole season.  We thought to ourselves that there has to be a better way. So we developed and launched our own manufacturing process.

We began to learn the whole manufacturing process inside and out. Starting with product development and pattern creation. We worked day and night for months and basically created a new manufacturing language.  We started to discover that we could design at a faster pace than anyone else, along with having the product manufactured faster all over the world.  This lead us to realize that by manufacturing small batches at a faster pace, we can create a Just In Time inventory system that allows us to only remake what is selling.

Our team is comprised of passionate, creative thinkers that live to bring products to life.  We have been in your shoes and are here to help.

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